A Table-Top RPG for Fate Where Modern meets Mythic Fantasy in Two Worlds. Successfully Funded on Kickstarter
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The Goblin Market by Gennifer Bone
Fated switching worlds with airships by Gennifer Bone
Tengu by Megan Bennett-Burks

About A Far off Land

A Far off Land is a multi-world spanning fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) setting by Megan Bennett-Burks and Jacob Possin for the Fate RPG system. The game has been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

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Take on the Role of one of the Fated; Shapeshifting Beings Which are Creatures of Both Worlds

The world around you is not the only one, and even it is not what it seems. Embrace your twinned nature, creature both eldritch and human; you are a child born of one world and adopted by the other, and fated to save them both. Ah, but, alas, you are much like the world you were born to, also, not what you seem!

There are two worlds; one is the world you were born into, the one you’ve taken for granted as mundane and explicable. The other is the Far off Land; where creatures of myth and magic dwell. This wondrous place was crafted by the gods long ago, and has a vast array of Mythic realms which lie within it.

You and your companions are Fated, shapeshifting beings who are of both worlds, and the fate of both worlds might now be in your hands.

Two Worlds, Rabbit Holes and Many Realms

One world is that which your character was born into; it is nearly identical to our own present day earth. The other is the realm of myth, magic, and monsters; the Far off Land and its many realms from ancient Duat, the Mirrored Cities, and Wonderland. Your adventures will span both these worlds, and to the many Rabbit Holes which act as passageways from one to the next, including The Alley and its great Goblin Market.

Courts and Factions

The game includes details for several different Factions and Courts which the players may be a member of. The Courts are what remain of the many ancient pantheons of gods and spirits, the Factions are formed by the Fated themselves. Each Court and Faction has its own vision for the world, and at the heart of A Far off Land are these players and their many intrigues.

Some examples of the Courts include: the Munin, the Kemet, the Hatters, and many more..
Some examples of the Factions include: The Protectors, The Healers, and the Destroyers

Magic: Elements of Blood and Passion

The Fated have command of magic unique to their kind; to use it they must tap into the element which they have an affinity for, and then channel the power of either
Their passions: which enhances a selection of their skills and allows them to cast spells of an elemental nature.
Their Blood: which they can use to summon forth elemental creatures.

The default elements include air, earth, fire and water, but the game will include rules for adding more, and for alternatives to them for those who want to further diversify their characters.


A Far off Land includes art from:

When can I get the game? How do I contact you?

The rough draft of a Far off Land is coming along nicely, and present plan is to Kickstart the game so that we can hire a professional editor and commission additional art.

While we do not have a set date for this, if you wish to be kept in the loop, you can return to this website or our G+ Collection for updates or you can send me an email.